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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why I'm a Better Summer Friend:

At dinner with friends last night—a dinner I skipped a party to go to—all I could think about was getting home and putting my jammies on. My friend was talking and if asked I wouldn't have been able to repeat a single thing he said, because I was too busy trying to decide which jammies I’d put on when I got home.

Internally I'm going over my options: pink stripped pug pj's, pink flannel pj bottoms, my princess sweats... the list goes on and on. From an innocent bystanders view I probably looked intently interested in every word spoken. I wasn't. I suck.

It’s safe to say hibernation weather is just around the corner.


mk99 said...

Sounds like something I would do. As much as I love to go out and be with people - there is something decadent about staying in, putting on jammies, eating something totally unhealthy and watching TV. How sad.

Aimee said...

I watched Ugly Betty on DVD and started knitting a beanie. Saturday nights this winter will be infinitely better than Saturday nights last winter.

Anonymous said...

Sushi and flannel jammies is wonderful. And...some nice wine.

Amberly said...

Yep, wine and comfy flannel jammies is where I'm headed tonight.....gotta love the hibernation weather!

Mads said...

I just left the house in pajamas. I'm gonna need an intervention.

Lincoln said...

I get up in the morning and immediately think of what hoodie I can wear. Then, if I look outside and it's too nice and warm to wear a hoodie, I get upset.

Midge said...

Am I the only one who's noticed since you started twittering the blogging hasn't been coming as often, or at all really. (the state reference 'taco mail') Hope the column is going well sorry I haven't been more help with the rules.

SnowAngel said...

Tis the Season for flannel. I understand what you're saying Girly.

In reference to Midge's comment, I like the Twitter. Don't take it down, give me reason to log on multiple times daily. I'll take my fix in any form.

Back to flannel do you have flannel sheets? If not I highly recommend them. I've never seen pink but I bet you can order them online.

Sarahbellum said...

mk99: Thanks for getting it. It's notsomuch sad as it is bliss.

aimee: Netflix, baby, Netflix. Soon I'll be joining your fun.

anon: Not a big Sushi fan, can I sub some pizza?

amberly: Indeed.

mads: We need to have a sit down and discuss pants.

lincoln: I need a good new hoodie. Pink of course.

midge: Get your Twitter on with me.

snowangel: Flannel sheets are a bit much for me. They make me all sweaty, and I reserve bed sweat for sex.