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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Take Five:Dating Online? Issue #69

To read my column for In Utah This Week click here. It's time someone benefits from my crap dates--and why shouldn't it be you?


Amberly said...

Wanna know what works like a charm for me? (Sure you do). When I was dating people from online (I've since given up, both online and everywhere else), I would send them one of the semi-worst pictures of me (not a lie per se, because I always made sure the picture was extremely recent). That way, if they still agreed to meet me I knew that they weren't [too] shallow and usually they were pleasantly surprised that I wasn't as bad as I looked in the picture.

Midge said...

Great Article, it's about time we put our years (undisclosed) of online dating experience to good use. Can't wait to hear the rest of your rules. And for all of you out there loosing hope, I'm a success story of online dating, and not just that I met Sarah there.

Sarahbellum said...

amberly: Not a bad idea.

midge: You scored two lovers online. I bow to the master of online love.

ryan said...

PLEASE tell me you watch 'I Hate My 30's'..

Their season finale is primo-awesome when it comes to online dating.

Anyway yeah, i'd much rather chat virtually first than IRL.

mrs.ak said...

i'm just stuck on the issue i'll move on to read the column

Rosse said...

Great post. Keep up the good work! I will date a sugar daddy from tonight. I hope it works.