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Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's hard to eat eggs after being kicked in the stomach.

After a late night out Pants and I went to Ruth's this morning for brunch. I promised her it had the city's best Bloody Mary, so to count on a wait.

What I hadn't been counting on was seeing Captain America.

Last summer when I took him there for the first time he instantly loved it. I should have known he'd go back. I saw him about a month ago and it was awkward and hurt for days, but this was worse. Today he had his girlfriend with him. His very pretty girlfriend who makes him disgustingly happy. Sigh...

I ate my omelet, drank my Bloody Mary and tried to remain unaffected. Which, of course, didn't work--it never does.

We didn't acknowledge seeing one another, which almost hurt worse than being forced to smile and play nice while meeting his girlfriend.

I desperately need a city with less ex-boyfriends.

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jenny said...

yeah, seeing old boyfriends can sometimes really suck. i've managed reasonably well to get along with most of mine, but my last one, who left me last christmas (please, no wham!), i can hardly see at all without feeling bad, much less with a new girl! it's really one of those "you oughta know" ones.