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Monday, September 24, 2007

Cooking in Style!

I always find the best shopping finds when I go with my Aimee. Today was no different.

I've never had an interest in learning to cook. In fact, I've built a life around the avoidance of being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Yet, in one day my entire belief system has changed! I found this pan and suddenly I want to know how to use it. The barefoot and pregnant thing is going to have to wait. I like shoes too much to give them up just yet.


that one guy said...

You should totally get some shoes to match your new pan!

Kerrith Black said...

I have noticed a strange phenomenon (less noticeable in Utah for obvious reasons) where most of my female friends do not know how to cook while many of my male friends do.

I wonder if it is an unintended ironic consequence of the women's lib movement. Our generation's mothers wanted their daughters to know that they could do anything they wanted to when they grew up. So, they did not teach them homemaking skills.

However, these same mothers wanted their sons to be able to take care of themselves so they did make sure the boys had some basic cooking skills.

Midge said...

I never really knew where that phrase came from 'barefoot and pregnant' but now I understand. Your feet swell about 2 shoe sizes and none of your shoes fit. Now you too know.
BTW I like your twittering don't get me wrong.

ak said...

thanks midge, i never really understood that phrase... I guess if you have to be barefoot, then pregnancy is a good reason. As far as cooking - its a lot of fun - if you have a time (or Japanese slaves who can cut the veggies)...

Aimee said...

Sarah you know what your new large nonstick skillet (By the way that's its name... hope that didn't take any of the romance out of it!) would be perfect for? Crepes. I vote that's the first cooking lesson. It will be a little bit of an experiment though because I've never made whole wheat ones. You in?

Melliferous Pants said...

Oh f! Is it on right now?!

Sarahbellum said...

one guy: Brilliant!

kerrith black: I've never put much thought into it, but I think you're right on with your theory. Learn math, not jam-making.

midge: Had I known that earlier, I'd have stolen all your shoes. Twitter is brilliant, and I still blog.

ak: If I had your Japanese slaves I wouldn't need to cook. I could get the same satisfaction in watching the pan used.

aimee: IN IN IN!!!

mads: Duh.