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Friday, September 14, 2007

Aging Rocker

For a moment last week I forgot I was 31. You see, I purposely purchased tickets to attend the Matt Costa/Rilo Kiley/Modest Mouse, which was held at Utah Valley State College in Orem. Yes, Orem.

A 31 year old single female should be home knitting or collecting tacky porcelain figurines, not kicking it with kids. I know this, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to see three artists I love.

Waiting in line I couldn’t help but notice Maddie and me were the single oldest people there. Hold on, I retract that statement. Excluding the senior citizen ticket taker we were the elders in this group. As the night progressed we noticed a scattering of “adults” in the crowd. Each time this happened eye contact was made, the look passed between the stranger and I was one of comfort--knowing we weren’t the only gently worn souls in attendance.

Matt Costa was amazing, even better live. I am thrilled when that happens, it reminds me the artists really are talented and don’t just employ a talented recording studio.

Rilo Kiley was just what I expected: full of soulful lyrics. She has a stage presence that exceeded my expectations. How this dainty little thing could belt out such amazing lyrics is beyond me. She moved spirit and body.

Luckily for me I am well-versed in all things Modest Mouse and knew chances of a live show being as good as the recorded music were low. I was correct. The lead singer, Isaac Brock, is a yeller. He’s known for his crazy onstage antics. This I was looking forward to, and he did not disappoint. At one point in the show he gave up on his microphone and sang into his guitar. The acoustics at this particular venue are less than ideal, but I shouldn’t expect much out of a college gym, right?

Did I learn my lesson? Not a chance. I’m headed back down to Utah County to see Rocky Votolato. I have no one to blame but myself.


erat said...

I recently found out that Isaac Brock lives in my neighborhood in Portland. Whoodathunkit? Evidently, Johnny Marr has a house out here, too.

Would I know either of them if they were walking down the street? Not a chance. The last photo I saw of Marr was from a The The CD cover, and whoTF knows what Isaac looks like.

Singing into his guitar, eh? That's different.

ryan said...

you just called yourself an aging rocker!?

That's totally 'lol' worthy.

Snowmomutah said...

You could have been home scrapbooking too, that'd work.

PS- when I retire I'm going to buy a Harley and follow around my favorite bands and blow my kids college funds on drugs. That's an aging rocker.

Jessica K. said...

Wow. Snowmomutah, I like your style.

Sarah, I was so so so excited on the day I found out Modest Mouse AND Rilo Kiley would be playing together. But then I opened my calendar and found out I would be in San Francisco for a conference and I cried a little. I love Rilo Kiley! Did they have fun? Will they come back?

jenny said...

you go, 31 year old single female! i'll cheer you on every time :)