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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Things That Make Me Feel Old

1) All age concerts in Orem, Utah. Ugg.

2) My friend’s son sent me a friend request on MySpace. Enough said.

3) I recently found when I jump as high as I can on a trampoline I pee a little.

4) I’m considering dating someone with kids. This is something I’ve avoided in the past, but I’m quickly realizing men my age that are completely unattached are usually that way for a reason.

5)I have fiber supplements in my medicine cupboard.

6) I have a medicine cupboard.


Anonymous said...

#3 is hysterical!!

Midge said...

Things that make me feel old.
#1 the abundance of grey hairs I have when my dye job grows out.
#2 Not being able to shop in the Junior Section anymore.
#3 When friends at work were in kindergarten when I was graduating highschool.
#4 I can't even look at guys with skateboards anymore because they are either way too young for me, and if not, they probly don't have a job.
#5 I drive a Subaru.

girlsnap said...

Darling sweater.

ak said...

LOL, and Midge, LOL.

jen said...

Ug. Don't even get me started on this one! At least we are growing old together, right?

cropstar5 said...

just came across your blog and you, my dear, are hilarious! i kind of want to comment on every post but doing so would probably just annoy everyone involved.
so for now, for this post, i'll just say this: brilliant!

Anonymous said...

The pee thing kinda freaked me out.

Sarahbellum said...

anon: Thanks.

midge: Great, you just further depressed me.

girlsnap: Thanks! It's a Democrat, too.

ak: Same.

jen: We do have that. Not long before we settle into rocking chairs on your front porch and yell at the neighbor kids... well I may still be flirting with them. Hard to be sure.

cropstar5: Thanks!! I adore new readers.

anon: It freaks you out? How do you think I feel??