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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Venting Session

Last summer I found myself dating two men I deeply cared about: Captain America and The Adult. When each relationship ended we promised to stay friends. I know it rarely works, but I had high hopes. Both men were really great guys, or so I thought.

When a storm left my apt. without power for two days I asked The Adult if I could crash with him. I didn't think it was big deal. After all that we've been through we remain friends. I guess his idea of friendship is far different than mine. When my friends need me I do everything I can to help--just ask Midge. I was shocked when he told me no. Ak and Mrs. Ak didn't have power either, Ben was MIA and I really didn't want to drive clear to the burbs to crash with Uncle Cabbage Patch (who I don't think even had an extra bed set up yet). He said it was a bad night for him and maybe another time. Funny, but I can't really plan power outages around his schedule. I couldn't believe he was leaving me hanging yet again. This is quickly turning into his new and far from improved personality, and I'm quickly learning he isn't such a great guy at all.

Last Sunday's snuff from Capt. America was surprising, but when it happened again I found myself really hurt. In Utah This Week had a booth at the Avenues street fair yesterday, as Daisy and I were walking through the crowd I saw him and his girlfriend. He looked at me and then Daisy and turned around without saying a word. How do you not even say hello to someone you once claimed to love? I was livid. So I sent him a text message letting him know of all the men I've dated, I'd never expect him to end up being that guy. He left a voice mail in apology but it doesn't matter. Twice in one week... the damage is done.


ryan said...

oh the joys of relationship drama!

It's situations like these that keep me single.

Sorry things seem to suck lately for you though. .. I'm sure your new man is right around the corner!

erat said...

Just playing devil's advocate here...

If he was with his current girlfriend and he didn't stop to say hi to an ex, I'm going to guess he was more interested in not pissing off his new girlfriend. Perhaps she's insecure about stuff like that and he wanted to avoid unnecessary friction.

That's not a GOOD excuse (if I'm right, his girlfriend needs to lighten/grow up), but knowing how some guys' brains work, I suspect it's AN excuse. Either way, I wouldn't take it personally. Unless you went mental on the guy at some point in the past I can't see a single other reason for him to not want to say hi, even if you aren't together anymore.

erat said...

...also, if I'm right, he needs to grow up a bit and not bend to his girlfriend's see-saw moods.

Just filling in the blanks. Sorry for the omission--I didn't want to make it sound like he's 100% blameless. He isn't.

For what it's worth, I've been in situations where ex-girlfriends didn't say hi. It does suck. Nobody wants to feel like they've been permanently dismissed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Erat. Or, it's possible that you HAVE gone mental on the guy. Or maybe he was trying to spare YOUR feelings? Didn't you say it would be hard to meet his girlfriend? Just pointing out some other alternate explanations.