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Monday, September 03, 2007

Well Worth the Fight

Ben: "Did you see Uncle Cabbage Patch's new house? It's so cool."

Sarah: "Yeah, but I still haven't decided which room is mine." It's between the one on the end or kicking the kiddo out of the pink room."

Ben: "No, Sarah!! I already called shotgun on the end room. I saw it first!"

Sarah: "So what, I'm older."

Ben: "You can't use that forever you know. It's not my fault you were born first."

Sarah: "I will use it whenever I please. Besides the room is perfect for me.. it's secluded and slightly separate from the others."

Ben: "I refuse to give it up. The pink room screams Sarah, you should just move into that one."

Sarah: "Hey, Ben... you do realize we're fighting over a room in a house neither of us will ever live in right?"

Ben: "And your point is?"


Anonymous said...

Your both welcome. First in gets first dubs on the end rooms. Second in takes what is left.

Rules of the House:
1. In by midnight, what worth while happens after that hour?
2. No opposite sex in an unmarried's bedroom.
3. Leave it cleaner than you found it.
4. No Pets, One Eyed Daisy is welcome outside as long as Sarah shovels.
5. The rules can change at anytime.

We enjoyed you today Sarah. Thanks for a good day.

Uncle Cabbage.

Anonymous said...

I love the conversations with your family! I come away entertained and wishing I had a sister like you or brother like Ben

Midge said...

You're better off living in a Dorm at The BYU. If you don't move in then you are always a guest and therefor treated accordingly, I find that's always best. But still you are older and deserve first choice over Ben everytime, and that's coming for the youngest of 7 kids.

Jeff said...

I would highly disagree on the eldest of age decision making theory! It is completely wrong! Ben I understand what you are feeling now. I have also been a victim of this theory from the same sister. I do love the rules Uncle Cabbage! I would love to see Daisy try to stay outside. I GUARANTEE she would find a way inside the house.

Ms Aimee said...

nothing like some good "ben and sarah" - thanks for sharing!!