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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Not a Naked Family

Marky and I have a bit. Which shouldn't be surprising, since I seem to have some sort of bit with nearly everyone I know. Everyone fun, anyway. This particular bit I can't take credit for. His best friend is responsible for this one. But it's funny so I adopted it. Whenever we mention what we're doing, the other always adds the word naked. For example:

Marky: "I can't go. I'm going to help my friend set up his new TV."
Sarah: "Naked?"

Simple, but oh so funny, or at least we think so. The "naked" habit is hard to break, and sometimes I say it without thinking twice. Yesterday I had lunch at the park with some of my family.

Sarah: " Grandma, where did everyone go?"
Grandma: "They went to get something to drink."
Sarah: "Naked?"
Grandma: "No, not that I noticed. Were you thirsty? Your mom left her drink over there."

I can't figure out if my family is so used to my odd behavior they don't question these sorts of things, or if my family is a naked family and I just never knew.


Mark said...

I am leaving this comment....

(Wait for it.....wait for it!)

Dave said...

I guess that's slightly more mature than the dated "your mom" jokes...

Sarahbellum said...

Mark: I am replying to your comment... naked.

Dave: And much funnier.