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Monday, September 24, 2007

Not a Burger Book

Maddie and I went to Cotton Bottom for garlic burgers yesterday. Maddie, being new in town, hadn't been yet. Sofi recommended she go, so we met there for lunch. Now, a day later, still burping garlic I remember why I don't eat there often.

While sitting at the bar we couldn't help but notice a man sitting near us reading a book. Now there's nothing wrong with going out alone and taking a book rather than a date. In fact, I've been on plenty of dates where I wish I had a book rather than a date. It was the book he choice that freaked us out:
That's the kind of reading to do at home. In public maybe something a little lighter would have been a better idea... just a thought.


Sofi said...

I love the Cotton Bottom, and the gnarly garlies. I'll be rolling into town in early December. I expect to join you and Maddie at the CB for food, fun and games.

Did you meet any brine shrimpers?

Justin 2 said...

I work near the Cotton Bottom, but I rarely go there because of the smoke. I hate going back to work smelling like a smoke-filled dive and it's getting too cold to sit outside.

I heard that the Busy Bee on State Street has the same Garlic Burger. Apparently, the guy who invented it went there after he left the Cotton Bottom. That might require investigation.

Dave said...

I hear all about that place, yet I have never been. I must remedy this in the near future.

Melliferous Pants said...

Does this mean that I shouldn't read The Satanic Bible on airplanes?

Sarahbellum said...

Sofi: It's a plan. And no, just killer types.

J2: Busy Bee is really good, and they taste the same to me. Go and report back.

Dave: Call me when you do. I'd love to share my burps with you.

Pants: That's acceptable, unless you're reading and eating.