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Monday, September 17, 2007

Warm Coffee Season

Fall is coming and I love it! Winter, however, not so much. I don’t partake of the snow this state has to offer by skiing or snowboarding. Perhaps if I did I’d learn to enjoy winter for more than pretty coats. At the end of every season I promise my friends I’ll take the time to learn to ski or board next year. I’ll continue to do this every single year until my death, or until someone kidnaps me from my warm bed and drags me to a cold mountain with the promise of alcoholic beverages in the lodge.

There are a few reasons I love fall:

My birthday... though lately, it’s just for the cake and presents. I don’t want to tack another year onto my age.
Drives up the canyons to see the leaves changing.
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
Cardigan Weather
Fall Television
Election Day


girlsnap said...

I'm not into winter sports either. I don't buy into the "you live in Utah so you simply MUST snowboard" bullcrap.

Pretty coat shopping, count me in.

Charlotte said...


I am easily excited ;)

Anonymous said...

Your cute! I can't stop reading your blog and twitter. How do I reply on twitter?

Scott said...

Unless you were raised there or are Mormon what other possible reason is there to live in Salt Lake? It begins and ends with skiing/boarding.

I'm just saying.

Sarahbellum said...

Girlsnap: Thank you, finally someone gets it! We so deserve a shopping trip for being so beautiful and brilliant. I'm in.

Charlotte: I've had three this week, and it's only Monday. At this rate I'm going to need a larger bank account or a Sbux boyfriend.

Anon: Thanks! My mom says the same thing. I'd like to think she's right. You need a Twitter account. However, be warned of the addictive qualities Twitter and smoking crack share.

Scott: Um, the fantastic liquor laws?

Jessica K. said...

Add this to the list of things to like about fall: slippers. I just dug my long lost pair out of the bottom of my closet and now my feet feel like they're in heaven.

P.S. What's twitter?

ryan said...

I made it up the canyon this last weekend.. I dig the changing of seasons in our parts.

.. Methinks 'Scott' maybe has an inferiority complex? ... Maybe he should travel more? Maybe he should learn to experience how different religions are a part of what makes the world so interesting? Maybe pull his head out of his ignorant arse?

heheh i dunno.. just thinking.

... Them silly noobs.. they're everywhere, aren't they?

Scott said...

Thanks for the free physcothreapy Ryan. Me thinks you are a overly sensitive religous person who was somehow offended by my comment although how I don't know why.

Lets compare our travel resumes and see who has been where. I've been to all but 5 of the states in America and 7 different countries.If you think different religions is what makes the world more interesting maybe you need to travel more.

I'll put my head back in my arse now.

jen said...

Don't forget to add Jen's pumpkin chocolate chip cookies sent to your door. Only this year, they will be delivered in person! :)