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Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm getting married??

I'm stalked by a wedding singer. This is no joking matter. It should be, but it's not. I started getting emails from this very persistent man last week. My name is quite common and I don't have a fiancee named Ryan, so until today I've ignored them. However, this particular email leaves me wondering if perhaps I should find this other Sarah and warn her of impending wedding day doom. If this is the way he writes, what can he possibly offer her musically?
Poor, poor Sarah...

I Wanted to make sure that you got all of my e-mails of the other day, with attached information about my service. I also wanted to mentiones that I listed an error on your sign-up forrm. FOr your price quote (in yellow highlight collor) i described the rate that included trave ling timeto and from Newburgh. That was from a previous contract that I wrote up earlier that day, and did not delete itfrom my deleted. I attach the right one for you now. Talk to you soon...
Lee W.


Fishman said...


You don't have to get married. I'll give you all the children you want for a dolla fifty a pop.

I throw in the unbearable passionate insemination for free.

World Peace said...

Maybe he is a Mormon. They are persistent! Smiles.