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Saturday, May 05, 2007


the yuppie gave me this book this morning. i can't decide if he thinks i'm someone else, or is encouraging my judgemental side.

i'm a sucker for a man who buys me books-- ice cream and books, oh, and maybe shoes, but i digress.

you'll notice i assigned a "the yuppie" label on my blog. i've got commitment issues as messy as my closet, but i think it's a step in the right direction. i bet if i had a life coach or a therapist, they'd be proud.



Lincoln said...

So...which class are you part of? Him?

ryan said...

American aristocracy FTL!

I can only imagine what his motivation was.

(btw, this should be noted as a Neutral comment.. not a negative one. )


Anonymous said...

Its cute he knows what prezzies will win you over! He sounds like a perfect guy for you. I read all his comments when you forgot his name. That's totally supportive. I hope you appreciate him!

Mikey said...


Paul Fussell is brilliant. If you can find it (it's been out of print for decades), read _Thank_God_for_the_Atomic_Bomb_. Mr.Fussell was a Marine in the Pacific when the U.S. nuked Japan in 1945.


sarahbellum said...

lincoln: i'm in the princess class and he's found in the non-princess.

ryan: neutral? my dear, you're losing your touch. btw, i'm going to be your way most nights next week. feel free to plan your work trip accordingly.

anon: prezzies are a girl's best friend. for real.

mikey: one at a time, buddy.