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Thursday, May 10, 2007

sadly, not a celine dion free wedding

one day i'll attend a family wedding with a man date. last night i took my best friend jen as my date--she's pretty hot for a man. we've been friends for 15 years making my family sorta her family, without the guilt. lucky bitch. the event went off without a hitch (no pun intended, okay, well maybe a little), despite all my complaining about the hideous bridesmaid dresses. i'm really hoping the honeymooners don't have an internet connection, otherwise that george forman grill won't be heading my way, and man do i want one! ben and i scoped out the gifts and i called shotgun on any grill and/or pink stuff. ben called shotgun on one of the bridesmaids, but will request she wear anything but that dress on their date.

it was good to see my extended family. i don't see my mother's side of the family all too often. someone has to die or marry for us to get together. last night felt a little like both. thank god for cheap boxed wine. seriously.

i didn't post very many pics, but to see the ones i did click here. i should have snapped a pic of the ugly dresses, but it didn't seem fair to the bridesmaids who didn't quit the wedding. saps.

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Richard Watson said...

nice pics.
I want a "I (heart) JM Bell" button. Where do I get one? Do I have to bug JM for one?
By the way, he is a great american.