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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

it's a small utah, after all.

i went to a friend's house last night for a bbq. in her invite she told me to bring someone who made me happy, and since there's nobody filling that part at the moment i took ben. ben who doesn't know the difference between trees and weeds. seriously this kid is nuts, which makes me look normal and that's always a plus.

the hostess with the mostess mentioned a friend of hers thought she knew me. when she mentioned the name it took me a few minutes to think of how this girl could possibly know me. she mentioned where in slc she grew up and the fact her family had ten kids. bingo! that was enough to dig into the deep sarah memories and come up with where she knows me from. her parents used to babysit me before we moved to the country. she had to have been six or so at the time, i was eight. the only thing i could remember was lots and lots of kids and a constant supply of oranges. oh, and i think i may have been in love with one of her brothers.

i couldn't believe she would remember me from just a name and not seeing me. it's not like my name is distinct in any way. that kind of memory is only something i dream of having. as it is, i can barely remember to get dressed before leaving the house.


S said...

Hi Sarah
I'm sorry to hear things didn't work out with the yuppie. Read your latest about the BBQ and was sad to hear you didn't have anyone to make you happy. Too bad we don't use the same dating site.


That Guy said...

feel free to leave the house without clothes anytime, just give me the heads up on when you're about to leave.

leash said...

i'm SURE you said and did some memorable, innappropriate things :)

Anonymous said...

So you can only be happy with family or with a boy?

Maybe if you didn't have your head so far up your arse you would discover that you can be happy all by yourself.

This may seem rude, but its not meant to be.