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Thursday, May 03, 2007

make me a match, column 5.3.07

for this week's non-sarah column click here. once you've read it, if you're dying to get a peek at the great and SINGLE marky go here.

urban princess and i wanted to have a reason to take picture of pretty boys (as if we need one!), so we create the slc hunk blog. bookmark it and watch for your own pictures!


aimee said...

Cute! All of it.

Anonymous said...

Great column. Mark sounds like a catch!! I might send my sister in direction of the pic.

I have to ask..why the break from your own dating life? Trouble in paradise?

just a boy said...

HA HA HA, I was going to ask the same question. Yuppie troubles?

ryan said...

Good article as always.. Mens Health needs to take a statistics lesson or two if you ask me.

Hey, you think 30+ and single in SLC is bad.. try living in Happy Valley!


Anonymous said...

New addiction..... I have gone beyond jelly bellies...

But jelly belly makes these wonderful little squishy candy things with little red dots all over with raspberry flavor. My gawd. I had to make the candy store do a special order for me. On top of that...I had to buy choc. covered raspberries. They are a zillion times better than strawberries. If a man wants my love.....he just buys me these raspberries and I am putty.

Maybe I should read your column before I go on about my addictions.
But..I just had to vent. I am feeling ashamed.


mark said...

Sarah = the best

(but she knows this, of course)


sarahbellum said...

aimee: thanks!

anon: marky is a catch. no troubles in my dating life (that i know of!), just needed a break.

just a boy: i've got no yuppie troubles. things are well.

ryan: umm, two nice comments in one week? okay, what's the deal. who stole your identity?

sassy: i've had those. target sells them. though, i'll need to try choco raspberries, though at the moment my addiction is spotted dog ice cream. it's amazing! check out their website.