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Friday, May 25, 2007

"i am so going to heaven for dealing with you!"

i had dinner last night with banjo ben. i'm amazed he will still be seen in public with me. over dinner the following were uttered in complete annoyance:

"sarah, i will not feel your leg muscles. i'm sure they feel exactly the same they did yesterday. no one grows new muscles overnight."

"come on! get a boyfriend, i'm NOT paying for you to take pole dancing classes. i don't care how column worthy it is."

"sarah, my drink doesn't taste like your deodorant smells. it's freaking rice milk."


Anonymous said...


h.justin said...

Which restaurant is that? It appears to be Mexican. A Mexican cafe, maybe? Hopefully in the city.

Anonymous said...

You are cute in person. Who was the guy your with? I saw your brother too. The one in this pict. Fun times and thanks for the shirt.

Dennis said...

Your brother looks annoyed in this pic and I'm guessing dinner with you is more entertaining than anything else.