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Sunday, May 27, 2007

my bathroom fetish discovered

ben and i had a family day today. we finally made it over to cafe niche for brunch. i've been hearing good things and it's relatively close to my house, so we went. the food was much to my liking and only half to ben's liking. the reason? they served salad with his eggs. when i asked him what the big deal was he said, "i like the idea of salad, but it's too much work--keeping it on your fork and all." it's moments like that i realize there is no denying we are brother and sister.

afterwards we met aimee and lo at the 337 project since i hadn't been yet. i was waiting for a photographer friend of mine to have time, but sadly that didn't work out. (anyone out there who took professional-ish shots that want to share, by all means...) i'd seen some photos online and was really hoping to have a couple done i could frame for my place. it's summer, i need to revamp my walls.

oddly, all my favorite rooms were the bathrooms, like these:


R. said...

I've never even heard of either of those places. You move to West Jordan and life suddenly is less hip.

Aimee said...

Don't worry, R. ... You're not the only victim of moving to Suburbia. I had never heard of them either until Sarah clued me in.

Sarah - Thank you for being my lifeline to Downtown Adventures.

Suzie said...

hi sarah! my father, mr. james elbert herrin, told me about your column and blog, so i google'd you. it's too bad i moved before you started the column because i used to read city weekly all the time.

i have heard about the niche that opened up in utah. we were pretty bummed because since we have opened our 'niche' in st louis 2 yrs ago, one opened up in chicago last year and now there is one in SLC. fortunately, from what i have heard, both are pretty good. i wish we had trademarked the name!


Anonymous said...

for someone who whines about needing to find a job, you sure go out an awful lot.

Artist in Training said...

Thanks for coming to check it out. I was the dark haired guy who said hello to you in the bathroom. I pointed out the shot you took. Nice seeing you in person, I've been reading your blog and column for a while.

To the anonymous idiot--Project 337 is free of charge for all. Do you really expect her to sit home because she isn't working? Uncool man.

Anonymous said...

Didn't she go to brunch first? Dinner the night before?

sarahbellum said...

r: i'm sure west jordan has its finer points, like yards and washer and dryers in your home.

aimee: you're welcome aimee. more please.

suzie: just to clarify i write for in utah this week, which is not the city weekly. anyway, saw the cute new pics of mini-suzi. she's getting so big and is very cute. grandpa jimborama must be proud!

artist in training: i remember you, that was very nice of you to point out something i would have otherwise missed. thanks!

i appreciate your concern, but i assure you my finances are very much under control. also please note having a brother who likes to spoil you is beneficial.

thursday night dinner with ben.....$0.

friday party at the hotel....$10 for wine.

saturday coffee....$0 (thanks to christmas gift cards).

sunday brunch with ben....$0.

telling anon to mind his/her own fucking business......priceless.

Spunky Spice said...

Oh, Sarah. What a great response. Don't you dare let this person make you feel guilty. No use turning into a hermit just because some stupid company was crazy enough to let you go. Enjoy life, it's short. I'm jealous of all your free time and happy as a clam you're writing about it all!

Dennis said...

Bellum, I'm thrilled to see you out and about rather than on the couch feeling sorry for yourself. It's key to retaining one's cleverness.

Don't rush the job, it's better to find a good fit than a quick fix. Please note the same goes for relationships.

Good luck!

Janie said...

What do you make of the bathroom discovery?

urban princess said...

Sorry I missed the 337 with you.

Delal said...

Hey, they aren't the most professional of shots, but I nearly photographed every inch of the place. Free to all...