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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

down but now out--column 5.17.07

i know the coolest people. seriously! ak and his perfectly british, perfectly adorable wife had a joint birthday party. the theme was 60's mod, and it was spectacular! you won't find me in the picture because i didn't dress up. not that i didn't want to--i already had the perfect dress, but i wasn't able to find my much sought after pink go go boots. it wouldn't be fair to my dress to wear anything but.

anyway, to read the column go here.


R. said...

Which one is MRS. AK?

Nice column but what's the outcome? Were you forgiven for being a ditz? I can't imagine The Yuppie wouldn't overlook that. Sounds like he's a good guy from his comments on here.

Jerri said...

I've been reading your blog and columns for a while now. LOVE YOU! I wouldn't stress about The Yuppie forgiving you. He's be a foot not to. If you're as funny in person as you are online no one should break up with you. NO ONE!

PS I just added you as my face book friend!

urban princess said...

Anyone that has hung out with us for more than five minutes should know that plans are fluid up until the moment we leave for said activity.

Anonymous said...

As always, a great read Bellum!! I'm dying to know how it turns out with The Yuppie. You're not going to make us all wait a week are you? COME ON!!

Don't make me chant, because I will!

A friend who can't stay silent said...

You & Justin should be together. He suits you.

These other guys, Sarah they are not it. I think you know what's in your heart.

like i'd tell you said...

Whose Justin?

Are you and yuppie broken up or what?

sarahbellum said...

r: the yuppie really is a good guy, that's never been an issue.

jerri: love, eh? wow. thanks! funny is something, but being thoughtful is important too.

up: exactly.

anon: thanks, but um, can you explain the chanting thing?

a friend who can't stay silent: maybe you should email these kind of thought to me, rather than post them on a blog. that stuff is kinda personal. i'm sure you understand.

like i'd tell you: umm, like i'd tell you! ha ha...

Lagoon fan said...

One of those pussycats is a dude!