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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

not the only one saying stupid things in public

as i've mentioned before, i totally heart maverick gas stations. i claim their fountain drinks taste better but today i realized why it is i really go. no, not the hot dogs, but goodies like this:

clerk: "how's your day?"
customer: "well i just got laid and it was the worst sex i've ever had. in other words, i just got screwed."

the customer, i might add, was as old as dirt and wearing dirty cargo shorts. not that they don't deserve to get laid too, but...


dennis said...

Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

You jealous or somthing?

dave said...

i thought i did better than that! :(

sarahbellum said...

dennis: i thought so.

anon: yeah, that's totally it. you're soooo good.

dave: dave, dave?