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Monday, May 07, 2007

words are hard

i'm obsessed with grilling tofu hot dogs on my balcony, but don't own a grill. so marky and i headed down to the gateway to hit the sporting goods store there. when we were nearing the store i very loudly exclaimed, "so, big dicks?" marky turned and gave me the look. i know this look very well, it's the "do you realize what the hell you just said" look. it's not just marky that gives me the look--it's everyone.

i, of course, had no idea what the big deal was. so what if i accidentally combined big 5 sporting goods and dick's sporting goods... it happens.


aimee said...

Holy hell, Sarah, I laughed. Really laughed. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Worst/best yet!

Spicey said...

Marky is cute and lucky! Can you have a win a Sarah day? I'd enter for the humor factor.No stalking intentions here.

theorris said...

Of course the amusing thing about the sporting goods store in the Gateway that your mention is that if you are on the road coming from the south the signs read "Dick's Virgin" and if you are coming from the north it reads "Virgin Dick's."

Richard Watson said...

Does the "size" of the store matter?
It's the quality of the store that matters.
By the way, I'm familiar with the name, I've been called that many times.