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Monday, May 14, 2007

low-class as a result of high-sugar

this is how i spent my afternoon with marky: while on the couch in our sugar-induced coma i told him to check out i've been thinking about taking the time to design a real website rather than this blogger template crap, and really like his.

marky: "how do you spell it?"
me: "f-i-d-d-l-e-y."
marky: "f-i- what?"
me: "dd, as in tits, l-e-y."


Anonymous said...

i love all my bigoted friends. people who believe different are stupid.

the blog title goes well with the site reference though.

Mark(y) said...



it is always funny to me when people attempt to make seemingly intelligent comments and then end up making no sense whatsoever (like you did here). thanks for the giggles...

ryan said...


Seemingly intelligent indeed! I'm still trying to figure out what anon was trying to spit out.

dennis said...

Anonymous, am I missing something here?