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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

will work for books

i need a job soon. pinching pennies totally sucks. doing just that, i went to the library rather than the bookstore. i dragged marky, my daytime partner-in-crime, who is always up for an adventure and doesn't mind my snarky remarks. while looking for books i ran across this cute little bookmark, "have a nice day and when you find this do the same as i have and leave it somewhere in the library." i wanted to bring it home and put it on my fridge, but marky, being the voice of reason, pointed out it may result in bad karma. while i'm job hunting bad karma isn't something i'm willing to chance.

oh, and that saving money thing? apparently when you lose a library book in 2003 and forget about it until 2007 your fines are $76. shit.


trying to help said...

Put ads on your sight. We will all click on them. Not sure if you can make real money but it's worth a shot.

urban princess said...

I'm glad you didn't take the bookmark. It's cute and I hope I find it in a book one day.

Lincoln said...

I used to work at the Salt Lake Library. For a long time after I quit I used to be able to hack into their computer system and erase fines. IF i could still do that, I'd totally erase your fine.