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Sunday, May 13, 2007

a mother's day our way!

happy mother's day, mommy! i just want to take a moment to remind you i'm your favorite child. sometimes i know it's a competition between ben and i, but after reading the below story i'm positive you'll reward me with the best child title.

last night banjo ben, scott and i went to a party at ak's house. on the way home scott was telling ben about the bi-sexual woman who spend 15 minutes in the bathroom with her date's ex-wife, both walking out in a very good mood. (scott will insist i point out both women were "smokin".)

ben was in total disbelief he missed such a pivotal moment in the evening, so it couldn't possibly be true by his reasoning. when i told him it really had happened, he grabbed his phone and started dialing, "i'm just going to check..."

oh, and mom... ben opened bottles with his teeth last night. so that makes me a better child too. i'm responsible about my dental bills. how could you not appreciate that?

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Quinn said...

I can NOT believe I missed that, I hate being sick. Happy Mother's Day!