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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Homer knows best

Jack Bauer. Seriously, who is this guy? I’ve never seen an episode of 24 until last night’s finale. And might I add, not by choice. I have a group of friends who get together on Monday nights for “Family Night”. Our version of the LDS family home evening follows suit with the traditional version with treats and games. However, we substitute the prayer with beer, always making our family nights much better than the ones I recall growing up in an LDS household.

Last night 24 was playing in the background, because blah, blah…”season finale, must be good.”

So we watched.

Had this occurred a week earlier I would have had no idea who Jack Bauer was—luckily for me The Simpsons newest episode was a spoof on 24. Proving The Simpsons is educational and should be watched by everyone.

I have to admit I wasn’t impressed with 24. In fact, I was downright bored with the show. Sure, it might be that I have no idea who these characters, but my guess is even if I took the time to catch up (which I won’t) I’d still find myself bored. I’m more a CW kind of girl. If the Gods of TV are reading, bring Gilmore Girls back!


Anonymous said...

Atta girl The Simpsons are awesome!!

Aimee said...

we might need to investigate whether the world is coming to an abrupt end sooner than we thought.

...because I know more about something on television than you do.

Danielle said...

honey I am a god of television. I am listening but Gilmore Girls is gone! Shows like that usually only last about 7 seasons because they have exhausted their storylines. I am sad also but I've learned to deal they took away my buffy, charmed and dawsons creek! tears. anywho haha I have nothin really to say just ramble