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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

not the kind of girl sleepover you'd have imagined.

i think my tv is directly linked to the church. no, seriously. i watched the first part of the frontline mormon documentary monday night. last night i didn't get a chance to see the second part because of my house guest--my mormon house guest! yeah, the timing is uncanny, isn't it?

a neighbor of my mothers stayed at my house last night, who consequently was my young women's leader. (the one who bought me beer in high school. i claimed it was to wash my hair with for softness, but we all know it never made it to my hair.)

i thought we'd watch the second part last night while eating milk and cookies and quoting our favorite scriptures, but we didn't. rather, she caught me up on all the town gossip--none of which included a scandal of any kind. it's been a tad on the slow side since i left.
she didn't say a word about my coffeemaker or the bottles of wine. all the other naughty stuff i put out of eyesight. though she did out me as dating someone, when she noticed a contact case and blue toothbrush in my bathroom. (both of which were obviously not mine.) i pleaded the fifth, but give it a week before my mom asks about it.


aimee said...

If you had been thinking ahead you would have gotten a hot pink toothbrush for the boy, and if he mentioned the fact that it was pink, pretended that you had a moment of color-blindness and thought it was red.

That Guy said...

or simply told him, "do you want the benefits of staying over or not? It's pink, deal with it."

Jeff said...

LOL Lynette that is so funny!! So did you ladies have fun?