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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Green Gooey Grossness

My Visiting Teacher or the Holy Ghost left these at my door. Just another reason why I don't like Halloween---rather than the usual baked miracles she leaves me, I'm left with what I can only assume is Shrek fingers made out of bread dough.

Boo to You and Yours

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, even though I'm not a fan of the holiday.

Halloween week freaks me out... I hate seeing people dressed weird and wondering if it's their normal attire or a costume. Case in point, last week I saw a couple sporting Spock ears while downtown for the Sarah Vowell reading. Costume or just freaks?

I'll be celebrating the holiday the best way I know how: drunk in Maddie's basement watching bad vampire flicks.

And here's to hoping her fat cat left me some candy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Always Dad, Never Daddy

My father and I have nothing in common that extends beyond shared physical attributes. This said, we don't get along. I stopped being daddy's little princess the moment I learned to form my own opinions. Stop. We do have something in common! We are both opinionated and built with razor sharp tongues.

Lately I'm starting to realize my parents aren't getting any younger. I want to spend more time with my family now than I ever have before. I mentioned to my mom I wanted to have a positive memory of my dad as an adult. She agreed this was important. So I went out on a limb and found something we could hopefully bond over.

My dad is a runner, and has been as long as I can remember. Years ago he and my brothers would run races together. This was exactly what I needed! I decided to call my dad and let him know I'd started training and would he 1) buy me running shoes for my birthday, and 2) run a race with me this spring.

This request had nothing to do with religion, school, family or anything we tend to fight over. This was just feet hitting the pavement, and yet somehow it turned out to be the usual friction between us--He was his typical abrasive self. I faked my way through the conversation and quickly hung up. Then I cried.

I'll never have the kind of father I think I want. But I do have a father who loves me and would do anything in his power to protect me. Why isn't that enough?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Starbucks vs. Bad Ass Coffee

AK and Mrs. AK threw a brilliant Halloween party this year. Forgetting that their friends who own Bad Ass Coffee would be there, I dressed up as a Starbucks barista, complete with a venti cup of red wine! And so the competition began. Steve was a great sport and posed for some pictures. Sadly, the best photos of the night won't be posted.


Because the hot man in an apron spanking me with a spatula didn't want them posted. I can't blame him though, as he was without clothes under the apron. Oy!

Broken Heart No More...

Over the past year and a half I've spent time hating when I should've been healing. Frankly, hate is exhausting and simply not worth my time. I have better things to do. I have good friends who love me, an amazing family who adores me, and brothers who would do anything for me. I have a good life. It's time to recognize that and get over the past.

The void has been filled with understanding and forgiveness. Life goes on, and so shall I.

And with that, I'm over it!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Birthday Boobs!

My birthday celebration got started a little early this year. Some of the girls and I met at the Pub for lunch today. Midge brought along birthday presents conveniently disguised as strawberry cupcakes. She knew I wouldn't drive to Ogden for boobs, so she brought the boobs to me. Proving, once again, she's my best girl!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Still Not Worth the Drive

Ben: "You HAVE to go to Bogies tonight!"

Sarah: "Umm, what is that and why?"

Ben: "It's a club in Ogden that's giving away a free boob job tonight."

Sarah: "What are you trying to say Ben?"

Ben: "Nothing! You're the one who wants it, and free is free."

Sarah: "But is driving to Ogden really worth boobs?"

Ben: "Not even close."

Sarah: "Okay, well thanks for thinking of my tits."

Ben: "Eww. I gotta go."

Shake That Healthy Butt

Yesterday afternoon I picked the kids up at school and was headed home when my random iPod mix started playing Richard Cheese singing "Baby Got Back." Naively, I didn't bother changing it because the kids were talking and I didn't think they'd even notice. They did, and LOVED it! And really, why wouldn't they, the song says butt repeatedly--which is apparently a bad word. They insisted on listening to it over and over--always on a quest to be the "fun auntie" I let them.

Once we were inside Target I realized what a bad idea it had been. I was looking at jackets and they were singing lyrics about asses, which wasn't exactly a big hit with those Utah County mothers. For a moment I thought about pretending they weren't with me, but once Hannah started shaking her butt and singing I didn't have the heart to. Instead I scooped her up, gave her a kiss and told her she was the best dancer I'd ever seen. And it was the truth.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Parenting Skills are Shit

This morning I was two hours late for work. I didn't factor in three and a half year old time. Seriously, these kids have major attitude. Don't get me wrong, I love that about them, but when you're trying to hurry and they aren't... well you know.

I spent at least ten minutes arguing with Hannah why she can't have chips for breakfast. She, of course, insisted her mom lets her eat them for breakfast every single day, which, she obviously doesn't. I tried giving her the whole nutritional value speech, but she wasn't having any of that.

So what did I do? I gave up. I took a Dorito, broke it into pieces and tossed it on top of her oatmeal. And guess what? She ate it. In a way we both won, or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

IN This Week--The Dating Years--Issue#75

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Aunt Scary Pants

My brother and sister-in-law are out of town so I'm staying with the twins this week. I'm fully aware of just what an awesome sister I am. Are they?

While the kids were finding their blankets, dolls, and special pillows they apparently can't sleep without, I changed into my pj's. When I walked out Carter looked up at me in disdain and asked, "What are those?" I replied, "These are my pajamas, Buddy." He looked confused for a moment and blurted out, "But, that's boy underwear... and yellow with crocodiles, not pink."

He was less than pleased at the idea of his auntie wearing something other than pink. You can't really explain to a child that there's nothing more comfortable to sleep in than a pair of boxers stolen from an ex-boyfriend. Hannah, on the other hand, took one look at me and said, "I like your underwear and I'm not scared of them."

It's nice to have underwear approval from a three-year-old. Now if I could find an adult male who felt the same way.

Rockstar Training

Ben: “What are you up to?”

Sarah: “Meeting Jess at the park to go running. Why, what’s up?”

Ben: “I’m sorry; I must have dialed the wrong number. Why are you running?”

Sarah: “I decided to train and run a few races. I need more incentive than the dumb gym can provide to get into shape.”

Ben: “Really? That’s so cool. I’ll run a race with you.”

Sarah: “That would be awesome!”

Ben: “And because I love you I won’t even train for it. That way you can keep up with me.”

Sarah: “And because I love you, I won’t call you a jerk right now.”

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby!

My Google Chat personal message today reads, "Can dry humping Vanilla Ice cause burns?" Yes, I'm that excited about his upcoming show. Seeing the message my friend Jeff Bell was very worried about the health of my lady parts.

Jeff: Were you dry humping Vanilla Ice? Cause that's kinds icky.
me: yup!!

Jeff: You could catch something.

me: Which is why it's soooo exciting!

Jeff: Those kind of daredevil antics could make your vagina fall off!

It's a darn shame he can't see what I'm wearing today:

My love for Vanilla Ice has no limits. Word.


Walking to the pub last night for Family Home Evening I saw this painted on the sidewalk: I love watching for sidewalk art so it was a good find, but the best part was when I noticed the drug free sign on the school three feet away! The laughter kept Maddie and I warm the remainder of the way. Which was good since I forgot proper winter attire.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Quote of the Day:

"A Post-it does not cure chlamydia."

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ben is a Killer!

Ben: "I know you're mad at me for killing a deer."

Sarah: "Of course I am! For multiple reasons... number one, you didn't even feel bad about it."

Ben: "I told you that it would've been dead within ten minutes. There were a ton of hunters around us. So it might as well be me that shot it."

Sarah: "That doesn't make it any better. And I'm also mad that you didn't wear your mullet hunting. If you're going to go hunting you might as well make it as white trash as possible.

Ben: "Fine. I understand why you're pissed, but does it help that I went to a vegan restaurant for breakfast today?

Sarah: "No."

Ben: "You can't be mad anymore otherwise I ate fake meat for nothing, and then I'll be the pissed off one."

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Aimee Bakes a Win

I have the Sox game playing in the background while I'm writing a paper, but I don't need to pay attention because Aimee made cookies. I did my part and ate six yesterday, so it's a guaranteed win!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Spoon Me If You Can!

Girl's Night Out last night led us to Red Rock for burgers and beer and then to Spoon Me for frozen yogurt. I'm usually anti anything that could be a venue for Mormon dating, but with the promise of a healthy ice cream alternative my ass and I were game.

Maddie was feeling bitter about eating cold food in the cold, but settled down once Hannah spooned her in the bathroom.

As for me? I got my spooning later on in the evening. And it was good.

Sisterly Advice

Sarah: "Are you going to Uncle Cabbage Patch's party tomorrow?"

Ben: "Nope. I'm out of town for the weekend."

Sarah: "Liar. You're coming, I'll pick you up."

Ben: "Sarah, seriously, I'll be in Delta."

Sarah: "Doing what?"

Ben: "Walking around in a field carrying a gun that I'll never shoot. It's hunting."

Sarah: "Oh, I sorta forgot that existed. Why exactly are you doing this?"

Ben: "I'm getting in touch with my masculine side."

Sarah: "You could do that here you know. Just drink too much and bang some slut you're never going to call again."

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Working It

I haven't blogged much about my new job. After my last experience can you blame me?

I've been spending my days at a local media technology company. There are under ten people with only one other female. And get this, I like her! I'm sure my old work mates are falling out of their chairs, since I typically dislike other females in the office.

Today, while in a lunch meeting, we discussed chlamydia over pizza. It was at that moment I looked around at my co-workers and knew I was home.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

IN Utah This Week--The Dating Years--Issue 74

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When Texting is a Better Option

Sarah: “What are you doing?”

Ben: “Watching Sports Center in celebration of Eminem’s birthday.”

Sarah: “Since when is white rapping considered a sport?”

Ben: “It’s not, but you asked what I was doing.”

Sarah: “How are we even related?”

Ben: “Well, our mother and father had sex five times and we were two of the results.”

Sarah: “Thanks for clearing that up. I’m going to hang up now.”

Ben: “I think that’s best.”

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Dollop of Sophomoric Humor

I was walking Daisy through the Avenues a few days ago, when she stopped walking and started sniffing around some bushes in front of an apartment complex. Trying to change the music on my iPod I was distracted and wasn't paying attention to her like I should've been---especially since she wasn't on a leash. I looked up and Daisy was on the front steps of the building. A woman who was walking out turned to me and said, "Are you trying to get into the man?" It was then I noticed the sign and replied, "Umm, isn't it usually the other way around?" She scowled at me and walked away. She may not have found my comment amusing, but that didn't stop me from giggling the entire way home.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Three Years Later

Dear Tim,

Last week marked the third anniversary of your death. And frankly, I'm still pissed off at you for choosing to leave. Sometimes I understand but mostly I'm just mad. Someday I hope that anger fades to forgiveness, but for now I still want to yell at you... only you're not here to listen.

I still remember the first time I saw you, it was 1998 and you were interviewing for a chemist job. Your hair was way too long, your suit didn't fit and you rode a bullet bike. I was positive we'd never be friends. And in a way we weren't... we were family. I admired you more than I was ever willing to admit. I never told you how much you meant to me. I'm not so great with emotions: anger.. yes, tender shit, no. And now you're gone and I wish I'd been able to tell you how much I cared about you. You and Alex are the older brothers I never had. Both of you loving me in your own weird ways.

Today, while driving home, I passed your street and was overwhelmed with emotion. I came home and cried, and then I threw up. I could almost hear you laughing at me for "having a girl stomach." Remember how you always teased me for getting sick so easily, and then when I was really sick you were there for me every day. You called me every other day to check up on me. I never told you this, but I saw you driving past my house a couple times a week just to check in and make sure everything looked okay. Tim, you were always there for me. I hope someday I can forgive myself for not being there when you needed a friend.

I don't know if there's life after death, but wherever you are I hope you're happy, and I hope there is beer. I'm going to drink a Corona for you. And I don't even like Corona.


Saved by the Pill

No, not that pill.

I wish my life were a romantic comedy. Not for the romance, and certainly not for the comedy, but for the convenience.

Have you seen "Good Luck Chuck?" Don't. The only redeeming quality is a visual of the well pantied Jessica Alba. Damn she's hot--total girl crush here. In the movie she breaks her tooth and just her luck Dane Cook, her love interest, is a dentist.

I need this! I broke my tooth over the weekend and can't get into a dentist until tomorrow morning. Why are there no sexy dentists lining up at my door? Where's Dane Cook and his bad acne scars when you need him?

I have every single kind of engineer you could need in my family, but not one one damn dentist. Worthless. Luckily I do have a friend with chronic back pain and a never ending supply of painkillers. Dear friend, thank you for saving me from a very painful existence.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Morons with Markers

So many things in life make my insides curl: whipped cream, midget porn, blonde's who insist on coloring the bottom layer of their hair black, watching Ben eat a pastrami burger while wearing pleated khaki pants, and now this bathroom graffiti.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Morning

Maddie showed up this morning with baked goods and giant latte for me. Rather than do anything productive we settled in on the couch and caught up on some TV. The worst part was my dog got Maddie cuddle time this week, not me! Bitches.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I Kill People

Ben: "I’m a card carrying member of the American Legion."

Sarah: "Um… I don’t really know how to react to that."

Ben: "I went again last night but they wanted me to have an old guy with me."

Sarah: "You mean a vet?"

Ben: "Yeah, that. So I told them Dad had served in the military."

Sarah: "But, Ben, Dad didn’t serve. You lied to the American Legion?!"

Ben: "Sorta. I felt okay about it because Dad would’ve served if he wasn't diabetic."

Sarah: "So you’re telling me you shouldn’t be punished just because Dad didn’t serve in the military?"

Ben: "Exactly!!"

Sarah: "You do realize Dad will be drafted now, right? The one time I used a family member as an excuse they died."

Ben: "You killed Chad? No wonder I don't get letters anymore."

Sarah: "No, Ben, this isn’t a laughing matter. I killed Grandma. I used her as an excuse once and she died a month later. I’m the bitch who killed my own grandmother."

Ben: "You’re not a bitch, you’re just insane. You didn’t kill Grandma and Dad isn’t going to be drafted. Stop drinking so much coffee."

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Dating Years, In Utah This Week--Issue#73

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Secrets to a "Happy" Life

While driving through Utah County on Friday I saw this sign:

It got worse. A few miles later I saw one that said, "Eight kids, all girls, 120 pairs of shoes."

And another couple of miles, "Two toddlers, twins on the way and 1/2 ton of laundry."

If I lived in Utah County rather than going out and buying whatever these slogans are offering, I'd go home and shoot myself.


A hundred and twenty pairs of shoes aren't nearly enough to be shared between eight people.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Google Hates Me!

Google called me a slut. No, really.

Four readers found me yesterday by googling "online flirting." And today two people found me by searching "sex with sarahbellum."

I'll have you know, Google, there is no man in my bed these days.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I woke up for this?

Ben: "I figured out what tattoo to get if I ever decide to get one."

Sarah: "Hitler in Chinese?"

Ben: "NO! I'm not letting Hitler anywhere near me. I want a banjo tattoo."

Sarah: "Ben, you do realize tattoos are permanent, right?"

Ben: "Duh. Anyway, I want the banjo to start on my stomach and wrap across my ribs and have it end on my back."

Sarah: "No."

Ben: "What about on my leg?"

Sarah: "No."

Ben: "Fine, I'll go with my second choice. On my back I want a poker table scene with Fidel Castro playing poker with Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash."

Sarah: "Is Willie going to be playing a banjo?"

Ben: "Of course, but if I ever get rid of the mullet I'll have to get it removed."

Sarah: "I'm hanging up now and going to sleep. Don't call me back. Ever."

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Note to all Single Girls

1) When you wake up with a migraine always, ALWAYS take medicine for it! Do not try to tough it out, this just results in being a mess when your entire day goes to shit.

2) Never break anything in your house on a Saturday night. Every boy you know will either be having sex and not answering the phone, drinking at the bar and can't drive or they've abandoned you and moved to stupid San Diego. Also, brothers are always MIA during sister emergencies, proving they really are worthless and your parents should have made more girls.

2) Pink hammers are cute, but not intended for real work. They break easily and you're left with a broken hammer, a broken lock, a broken spirit and no boys to be found.

3) When you need to pee while in Sandy at Target after drinking wine and coffee, do not decide to hold it until you get home (which is downtown). Because ultimately you'll end up locked out of your bathroom and screaming at the lock to open. Which of course won't, so you end up in tears, and still have no bathroom to clean the mascara off your face.

4) Never decide to stay home on a Saturday night. Always meet your friends at the bar when they text you, otherwise bad things happen.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The one where my Mom sees Ben's ass.

I showed my Mom and Jen this picture at dinner last night. Immediately afterwards my Mom knocked her drink over. I looked at her and suddenly knew this is where I'd inherited my klutziness. She ruined my theory by blaming the shock factor of the picture. "I just can't imagine anyone touching my baby Ben like that!" I don't buy it for a second. I think she was secretly thrilled a girl touched Ben's ass, taking her one step closer to more grandchildren. God knows she gave up on my cobweb filled womb years ago.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Karaoke Tips

1)When a friend hands you a request slip with your name on it, immediately hide it in your purse when no one is looking. (The only time 'Secret Lovers' should be sung is under your breathe when certain "friends" are in the room.)

2)Then quickly shift the attention onto this guy, who just happened to be singing last night.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sixth Place

Ben: “Did you hear I’m watching the twins’ tonight?”

Sarah: “Yeah, Holli told me. Otherwise I’d think you were making some sexual reference.”

Ben: “Can you believe they asked me? That’s trust, Sarah.”

Sarah: “No, Ben, that’s desperation. They asked me but I had a date and couldn’t. Her parents are going with them tonight so they couldn’t. Mom and Dad are too far to drive up, so they couldn’t. And Chad is in Japan with God so he couldn’t, and I don’t think her sister baby-sits.”

Ben: “So I’m sixth place. That’s awesome!! I’m excited, but Holli said if I had time to give them a bath. I have no idea how to wash kids, I can barely wash myself.”

Sarah: “Ben, they’re almost four--they are capable of washing themselves. Just throw them in the bath and stay in the same room.”

Ben: “I told Holli for the safety of all those involved, her kids will remain dirty. It’s just the smart thing to do.”

Sarah: “You could practice on Daisy.”

Ben: “I’m not washing your damn dog. Get Shogo to do it.”

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pushing Through The Dating Game--Issue 72

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Museum Fortunes

A "friend" took me to see the Cinderella exhibit at the UMFA last week. I thought it was a brilliant idea: taking a princess to see a princess. Hello, brownie points!

The exhibit wasn't exactly what either one of us expected. It was geared towards children. He swears up and down it wasn't an intentional jab. I did see this little gem which made it worth the trip:This is way better than a silly fortune cookie. I'm going to take this as a promise that a man will fall in love with me AND my shoes, despite our messy state. And if all princes are indeed clueless is that why I don't have one yet?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tickled Pink

It's no surprise I buy something I don't need if it's pink. I have more pink shoes than any sane person needs. My apartment looks like someone threw up Pepto-bismol all over it. My family thinks I'll grow out of my pink phase, but they also thought I'd grow out of my baby blanket phase... which I haven't.

Today, while at Costco, buying soy beans I saw something I'll never use, but convinced myself I needed.I easily justified the purchase. After all, how would I use my cute new pan without a cookbook? Exactly! Now all I need is the pink KitchenAid mixer.

October is the very best time of year for pink shopping. I love breast cancer! And yes, I know the karmic reaction coming my way.

It's going to be one of THOSE days.

I stepped into a full elevator this morning and pushed the button to the floor I needed. “That’s weird I’ve never seen anyone do that before,” the woman next to me commented. The man on my other side chimed in, “I thought the exact same thing--who does that?” Self consciously I asked what they meant. “You pushed the button with your thumb, rather than your finger!” At that point both reached forward and pushed the buttons to see which felt more natural. “Ewww, it feels so weird to push it with my thumb,” the woman exclaimed. “I agree. It feels completely unnatural,” the man replied.

At this point I wanted to sink into the floor, but instead pointed out I have crack thumb. They turned to one another, hoping the other would understand what I was talking about. I assured them I wasn’t a crack head, but a crackberry user. They had no idea what I was talking about and started looking nervous. I pulled out my phone and showed them when I’m using it I utilize my thumb rather than my fingers. “Ohhhhh, that makes sense. You’re one of THOSE people,” said the woman, unable to mask her contempt.

Rather than kicking her in the throat, I replied “Very much so, " and stepped off the elevator at the next floor. I continued on the stairs and decided from now on I’m a stair walker. Self-preservation and exercise trump all.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Movie Etiquette

When you enter a movie plan ahead how many seats you’re going need. It’s one thing to ask the people next to you to move down once, but twice… NOT COOL! At that point I’m forced to make a dramatic scene and step over the seats in an effort to move a row ahead, leaving Maddie no choice but to follow. Unfortunately she got her foot stuck in the seat, somehow absorbing my bad karma for being a bitch in public.

We saw "Across the Universe" which was good, but entirely too long for someone who a) had zero patience left due to the above mentioned assholes, and b) self diagnosed attention deficit disorder.

My mood was magically lifted with a glass of red wine and a Red Rock burger. Seriously, that was all it took. Sometimes I'm easy, just don't mention that to my mom.