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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rockstar Training

Ben: “What are you up to?”

Sarah: “Meeting Jess at the park to go running. Why, what’s up?”

Ben: “I’m sorry; I must have dialed the wrong number. Why are you running?”

Sarah: “I decided to train and run a few races. I need more incentive than the dumb gym can provide to get into shape.”

Ben: “Really? That’s so cool. I’ll run a race with you.”

Sarah: “That would be awesome!”

Ben: “And because I love you I won’t even train for it. That way you can keep up with me.”

Sarah: “And because I love you, I won’t call you a jerk right now.”


hjustin said...

Do you tape record all these conversations?

Anonymous said...

I started running two years ago and it's turned into a serious addiction. Make sure you have good shoes (read your Twitter), it makes all the difference.

Midge said...

You think I've changed, well the Sarah I know would never go jogging, who are you?

ak said...

can i suggest cycling?

thomas said...

Who are you and what have you done with my friend Sarah???

Anonymous said...

I think the training session will last one day. The only running you will be doing after that will be running to the liquor store or running to Starbucks. With the assistance of your car no doubt. Good luck with your race!

Anonymike said...

Sorry for being such a naysayer. I meant to say you can do anything you put your mind to. Especially if the race has a big cupcake with pink frosting at the finish line! Good luck with your training.

Rich & Weber said...

I hear Jess mentioned the availability of cute running outfits.
You know, they have them in pink.

Scott the Stray said...

First there was the posts about eating burgers at Red Rocks, then the one about talking to a female co-worker, now running? Seriously, what Thomas said.

Sarahbellum said...

hjustin: You're in luck, I do! They can be yours for the low price of $29.99!

anon: Shoes are my next purchase, I promise.

midge: Your love for Celine Dion and my need to hit pavement are totally different!

ak: You can, but I'll laugh at you. Wait, do they make pink road bikes?

thomas: I'm still the sarcastic bitch you adore!

anon: Poor little anon, are you having a bad day and taking it out on my blog? Hope it helps!

anonoymike: Much better.

Rich: Jess is my rockstar idol. I'm been searching for a stopwatch in pink. So far no luck...

Scott: Please refer to above comment to Thomas.

Jessica K. said...

Oh ye(s) of little faith...we'll show you...