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Monday, October 01, 2007

Movie Etiquette

When you enter a movie plan ahead how many seats you’re going need. It’s one thing to ask the people next to you to move down once, but twice… NOT COOL! At that point I’m forced to make a dramatic scene and step over the seats in an effort to move a row ahead, leaving Maddie no choice but to follow. Unfortunately she got her foot stuck in the seat, somehow absorbing my bad karma for being a bitch in public.

We saw "Across the Universe" which was good, but entirely too long for someone who a) had zero patience left due to the above mentioned assholes, and b) self diagnosed attention deficit disorder.

My mood was magically lifted with a glass of red wine and a Red Rock burger. Seriously, that was all it took. Sometimes I'm easy, just don't mention that to my mom.


Anonymous said...

Easy girls are awesome!

Mads said...

I didn't feel my mood lift until the lady sitting behind me ripped that giant fart.

Silly Girl.....AGAIN said...

My gawd the big ass TV is STILL sitting in my garage. Why in the hell do I do this to myself.

I need a blog to vent....not use yours.

Okay, I could have done some ...ahem "favors" and gotten it hauled upstairs..but I think it is best in the garage until my knight in shining armor comes along.

Could be awhile. UGH

Candace said...

When are we having our Daxi Pad night???

Scott said...

Did you just say you ate a Red Rock burger???

Who are you and what did you do with Sarah?