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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sixth Place

Ben: “Did you hear I’m watching the twins’ tonight?”

Sarah: “Yeah, Holli told me. Otherwise I’d think you were making some sexual reference.”

Ben: “Can you believe they asked me? That’s trust, Sarah.”

Sarah: “No, Ben, that’s desperation. They asked me but I had a date and couldn’t. Her parents are going with them tonight so they couldn’t. Mom and Dad are too far to drive up, so they couldn’t. And Chad is in Japan with God so he couldn’t, and I don’t think her sister baby-sits.”

Ben: “So I’m sixth place. That’s awesome!! I’m excited, but Holli said if I had time to give them a bath. I have no idea how to wash kids, I can barely wash myself.”

Sarah: “Ben, they’re almost four--they are capable of washing themselves. Just throw them in the bath and stay in the same room.”

Ben: “I told Holli for the safety of all those involved, her kids will remain dirty. It’s just the smart thing to do.”

Sarah: “You could practice on Daisy.”

Ben: “I’m not washing your damn dog. Get Shogo to do it.”


Anonymous said...

What's Shogo?

friend said...

It can't be too hard, there's two of them to keep themselves entertained. Just don't let him near their hair.

Midge said...

I'm not going to go as far as to say I think Ben will make a good dad, but I think he'll make a very entertaining one. Good luck Ben, you are going to need it.

Melliferous Pants said...

Shogo the sliver?

Holli said...

I'd personally like to thank Ben for stepping up to watch the twins and am grateful he accepts his place at #6 (no offense!). Despite being known as "Uncle Mean" at times, Hannah and Carter had a great time last night! However, the question remains, who babysat who?

ak said...

'get shogo to do it' lol - get your own damn japanese slave...

mrs.ak said...

Ben is a daft bastard...if I (or u) asked Shogo to wash Daisy, he would do just that but then Ben would never know how to wash himself or the twins so he really should practice on Daisy.