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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby!

My Google Chat personal message today reads, "Can dry humping Vanilla Ice cause burns?" Yes, I'm that excited about his upcoming show. Seeing the message my friend Jeff Bell was very worried about the health of my lady parts.

Jeff: Were you dry humping Vanilla Ice? Cause that's kinds icky.
me: yup!!

Jeff: You could catch something.

me: Which is why it's soooo exciting!

Jeff: Those kind of daredevil antics could make your vagina fall off!

It's a darn shame he can't see what I'm wearing today:

My love for Vanilla Ice has no limits. Word.


Anonymous said...

Take care of the vagina and the vagina will take care of you. That's what my girlfriend used to say, could that fit this situation?

girlsnap said...

Um, is that a turtleneck AND a sweater? You've got to be toasty.

Midge said...

With that necklace you really have your bases covered depending on your mood it could be Vanilla Ice, Ice Cube or Ice T (if you are watching law and order) hmm, Ice was a popular name in the 80's.

Dainon. said...

He'll be in town this weekend. You realize that, don't you?

akwindmills said...

are you REALLY going to the concert? find out if he really has three nipples. And we better see you at the party at some point this saturday.

Sofi said...

Scary. He lives in my area, and is one foul dude.

Dave said...

believe it or not, i saw vanilla ice back in 1999 when he got decked at the tower theater. i even have the ticket stub still to prove it.

Sarahbellum said...

anon: Smart girlfriend.

girlsnap: Nope, just a shirt and sweater. Perfect combo!

midge: Good thinking, now I can wear it more often. Thanks!

dainon: Yup, trying to figure out how to make a trip to Ogden work.

ak: I'll be at the party, I swear. I want to see Arlo dressed up as a Hoagie Shack.

sofi: He is foul, but still V-ICE!

dave: That had better be framed on your wall by the next time I come over.