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Monday, October 15, 2007

Saved by the Pill

No, not that pill.

I wish my life were a romantic comedy. Not for the romance, and certainly not for the comedy, but for the convenience.

Have you seen "Good Luck Chuck?" Don't. The only redeeming quality is a visual of the well pantied Jessica Alba. Damn she's hot--total girl crush here. In the movie she breaks her tooth and just her luck Dane Cook, her love interest, is a dentist.

I need this! I broke my tooth over the weekend and can't get into a dentist until tomorrow morning. Why are there no sexy dentists lining up at my door? Where's Dane Cook and his bad acne scars when you need him?

I have every single kind of engineer you could need in my family, but not one one damn dentist. Worthless. Luckily I do have a friend with chronic back pain and a never ending supply of painkillers. Dear friend, thank you for saving me from a very painful existence.


Melliferous Pants said...

Is your friend hot?

Leigh said...

you must just have bad luck in this area, didn't you brake a tooth about this time last year?... anyway hope you are feeling better

Midge said...

I feel your pain, I've been having lots of fun dental work done. I'd share my pills but Ryan has dibs. I can't believe you watched that movie, but as Chealse Handler says 'i'm not a lesbian but i would be for 10 mins with her'.