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Friday, October 26, 2007

Shake That Healthy Butt

Yesterday afternoon I picked the kids up at school and was headed home when my random iPod mix started playing Richard Cheese singing "Baby Got Back." Naively, I didn't bother changing it because the kids were talking and I didn't think they'd even notice. They did, and LOVED it! And really, why wouldn't they, the song says butt repeatedly--which is apparently a bad word. They insisted on listening to it over and over--always on a quest to be the "fun auntie" I let them.

Once we were inside Target I realized what a bad idea it had been. I was looking at jackets and they were singing lyrics about asses, which wasn't exactly a big hit with those Utah County mothers. For a moment I thought about pretending they weren't with me, but once Hannah started shaking her butt and singing I didn't have the heart to. Instead I scooped her up, gave her a kiss and told her she was the best dancer I'd ever seen. And it was the truth.


Robert Merrill said...

Loving your blog. Interesting that you got softly "dooced"... Found you via twitter. Keep up the attitude, and good luck with those kids.

Dave said...

the fact that you listen to richard cheese ... well, i don't know what.

of course, i have some on my ipod too, so i can't exactly claim innocence.