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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Working It

I haven't blogged much about my new job. After my last experience can you blame me?

I've been spending my days at a local media technology company. There are under ten people with only one other female. And get this, I like her! I'm sure my old work mates are falling out of their chairs, since I typically dislike other females in the office.

Today, while in a lunch meeting, we discussed chlamydia over pizza. It was at that moment I looked around at my co-workers and knew I was home.


Ashley Taylor Park said...

Get out.. you LIKE her? She must be pretty damn cool. Who doesn't love STD's and pizza in the same sentence!
Glad you're there, I pretty much was dying before.

Amberly said...

This is why, when I created my blog, I marched into my bosses office and handed her a [office supplied] sticky note with my blog address written on it and shouted, "Read this!" This way, she's been "officially" notified that such blog exists and since I know she's WAY too busy to sit and read my ramblings, I'm justified because I DID tell her about it.

As an FYI....the few times she did manage to find the time to read my blog, she said I was "amusing", but it was with the at-least-you're-not-rambling-directly-at-me-anymore tone of voice. Here's to bosses with not enough time to read blogs!

Scott the Stray said...

The question is how long did it take you to like her? Did you give her the Sarah-standard not talking to her for two weeks?

Glad you are happy at your new job. I miss the old MacroMed days and will surely be miserable if I ever have to work again.

Anonymous said...

Glad things are working out better.