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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Secrets to a "Happy" Life

While driving through Utah County on Friday I saw this sign:

It got worse. A few miles later I saw one that said, "Eight kids, all girls, 120 pairs of shoes."

And another couple of miles, "Two toddlers, twins on the way and 1/2 ton of laundry."

If I lived in Utah County rather than going out and buying whatever these slogans are offering, I'd go home and shoot myself.


A hundred and twenty pairs of shoes aren't nearly enough to be shared between eight people.


Justin 2 said...

It's Utah County, where "Leave it to Beaver" is a reality show.

Anonymous said...

"Justified Suicide" nearly put me into comedic coma.

Dave said...

You know, I saw all those billboards when I drove down last weekend and thought the same things.

Midge said...

Everyone knows the only reason to live in Utah county is to start popping out the babies. I think they put it in the water. That's what happened to me.

Charlotte said...


Mads said...

No condoms on Sunday makes for a Very STD Sabbath. Forget that.

for what it's worth said...

I saw those billboards when we were in Utah this summer. I was floored, totally floored.
Granite....hard enough to kill someone with. Now there's a slogan