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Monday, April 02, 2007

why god invented brothers

my kitchen light has been burned out for over three weeks. any other light i would have replaced the bulb myself. this light, however, is a death trap waiting to happen. the fixture is old making it nearly impossible to extract the bulb. i tried but stopped when i realized if i was electrocuted there'd be no one to save me. daisy is less lassie and more kujo--she'd chew my legs off before attempting to make any sort of rescue.

banjo-ben and chady-bear stopped by last night to drop off the case of wine i asked them to bring from their weekend jaunt to california. the minute they walked in the door i handed ben a box of light bulbs, being the seasoned slave he passed them off quickly to chad and claimed he just had to show me the cool pictures he bought in berkley. we both bolted leaving chad on his own to fix the light, because we're caring siblings like that.

a few minutes later chady walked outside looking a little dazed--apparently i forgot to turn the light switch off. it's best chady took care of the job, he's leaving on a mission and his god is not about to let him die before he squeezes two years out of him.


Brian said...

Nothing says love like 110 zapped through one's brothers fingers! ;) Sarah, you're the awesome sister I never had! he he he

Anonymous said...

I used to feel sorry for Ben but that's been replaced. I feel sorry for Chady. Kudos to them for being good brothers.

Danielle said...

haha I am laughing at the whole his god is not about to let him die before squeezing two years outta him