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Friday, April 13, 2007

the tivo game

i'm not just addicted to my tivo, but to any tivo. you can tell a lot about a person by scanning through their saved programs. for example, take a look at this one:i have no idea what thank god you're here is, but i'm going to assume they were just really happy to have me over--makes perfect sense in my mind.

any guesses who this belongs to? i'll give you a hint--someone in my family, and that someone is probably not me.


Anonymous said...


Lincoln said...

I bet it's yours and you're not telling the truth. You're a closeted general conference viewer aren't you?

el viajero said...

I've a friend that actively rates all of those programs as most disliked after his tivo spontaneously recorded the work & the glory because he liked 24...who knew? Does Deseret Industries mfr/distribute tivos in utah?

Anonymous said...

Your mom?

Anonymous said...

Ben I'm sure.

Thank God Your Here is an improve show on NBC, not very good if you ask me.

Kerrith Black said...

Thank God You're Here isn't a real improv show. It is just pretending to be. It is quite insulting to anyone with improv experience.

AKA Show Tassels said...

Here's what mine has on it:

The Daily Show
Colbert Report
Keith Olberman
the Office