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Friday, April 27, 2007

defining the relationship--column 4.27.07

to read this week's 'the dating years' column, please click here!


urban princess said...

great column.

Brian said...

The first time I ever heard that term "D.T.R." was after a brief stint in the mormon church. I guess this usually happens at approximately date #2 with those 'in the faith'. Needless to say I didn't last! Great column Sarah! Best of luck to you both regardless of what you define ( or don't!) :)

Lift up your skirt grab your balls and live life!! said...

Love your column. Why should we have to define the relationship? If the person that we are dating isn’t strong enough to talk to us about where we stand in the relationship then there is no relationship. We all put too much stress on ourselves when it is as simple as that. Good luck with Mr. Yuppie.Jeff

lindenx said...

Yeah, I think your own toothbrush and lipbalm at his place means "relationship".

sarahbellum said...

up: thanks, i love it when it's princess approved!

brian: thank you, that means a lot.

balls: i shouldn't have to define it. at least not yet.

lindenx: hush you!