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Friday, April 20, 2007

utah idol

last night i was a judge for superstar 2007-- a karaoke contest in utah this week is sponsoring.
for the record i know nothing about singing, but i know everything about being snarky! examples of this were my comments:
you must be every masturbating teenage boy's dream.
i'm straight but even i'd go home with you.
no comment.

and the best snarky comment caitlyn, my partner-in-crime judge, made, "i've never heard that song before, and i never want to again!" i loved her for that, because i was thinking the same thing.

it was pretty simple to determine who actually watches american idol, because after their performance they would stand in front of us waiting for mean comments. god bless simon cowell.


urban princess said...

i'm so sorry i missed it!

Dainon said...

My friends were there. Apparently you're the judge that swore like a sailor. I'm not entirely certain, but you prolly wear that kind of tag with pride, eh?