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Sunday, April 08, 2007

a very nielson easter

when my mom asked me to come home for easter i agreed with two conditions: 1. an easter basket full of candy 2. someone has to reenact the death of christ. neither of which happened. i went home late missing church and did not spending the night. "easter baskets are only for the children who love her enough to spend the night." whatever. as for the reenactment i don't think anyone felt comfortable explaining to my grandmother why we were taking part in something so blasphemous--on a sunday no less!

instead the boys celebrated like any other holiday... by fighting. i will never understand why the nielson males need to bond by rolling around on the floor. at least stand up and punch each other in the face. it's more socially acceptable that way.


Anonymous said...


Chad(y-Bear) said...

Stupid!!! why the heck would you put that on here?

aimee said...

it isn't a basket, but there's a ziploc bag bursting with easter candy on my kitchen table. come over.

SJ said...

sorta reminds me of "boy fights" (thank you Arrested Development).

Rob said...

That's funny Sarah.

Crystal said...

1. i was eating a brownie the whole time.


2. the one on top is very dimply.