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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

home is where the fairies are.

no, seriously-- it is. when i moved into my apartment a few years ago, one thing nearly stopped me: fairies. these creepy little things live on the side of my kitchen cupboard. it's so creepy, but when i moved in i was in a rush and rather than have the landlord paint over them, i just stuck an old mother hips concert handbill over them. since i couldn't see the them, i just sorta forgot they were there. until today when the handbill, after four years, fell. uggg, i've once again been invaded by fairies-- and not the good ones, who can help hang the dorothy parker pictures that have been sitting here since november. i can't sleep, i can't eat. (okay, the second is possibly because i haven't been grocery shopping in weeks, but still.) is there some sort of fairy removal service? oh wait, brothers with paint brushes.


Lincoln said...

I say keep 'em. There comes a point where something is SO creepy or strange that it's a shame to get rid of it. LONG LIVE THE FAIRIES!

Mikey said...


huh huh heh heh she said 'fairy.'


aimee said...

Don't let Lora know they are there, she will want to move in.