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Sunday, April 15, 2007

a very lubricated weekend

urban princess and i went to costco to pick up a birthday present for a friend this weekend. i like to choose a gift that keeps on giving. this time, i think i nailed it (no pun intended). what better for a single guy than a super sized package of condoms? you're right...absolutely nothing.

as we waited in line i mentioned how odd it was that everyone was so friendly. typically saturday's at costco are a nightmare. it was then i remembered i just walked around a store carrying nothing but a giant box of condoms. all the friendly men suddenly made sense.

*please take note-the giant pack of 900 tampons are not mine. i'm moody, but not that moody.


Anonymous said...

Did I mention my birthday is tomorrow? I could use a similar gift with a girlfriend included.

urban princess said...

I think our gift was both thoughtful AND practical. And his reaction was totally worth it.

That Guy said...

I need those hand delivered please.

lindenx said...

I would just add that if you were ever to give me such a gift, they better be Durex.