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Friday, April 27, 2007

best place to find a man (men's health article)

men's health magazine contacted me last week. apparently, slc ranks #2 in cities where a woman over the age of 35 can find a man. seriously. i thought it must be a mistake, but guess not.

to read the article in it's entirety go here, if you're lazy and only want to read my contribution go here. either way go read it, if you need an extra incentive there's pictures of chesty women!

the magazine's editor-in-chief will be on oprah today discussing it. i've never seen an episode of oprah, but this was worth setting my tivo. i swear, i've never seen her show, but i have seen three episodes of american idol. i'm not proud.


urban princess said...

SLC #2? Seriously? I guess I'm not looking in the right places.

Anonymous said...

You are such a rockstar! I'm proud, babe.

Anonymous said...

To bad it is so hard to find a good woman in SLC.

Like Sarah, most woman in SLC are too picky and really have the heads up the behinds about "the little things".

Thank God I found the Russian Mail Order Bride catalog.

dandy randy said...

I don't, for a second, think it's a bad thing to be picky. I'm much rather a woman be picky when dating then nagging when married.

dennis said...

Great another day of anonymous comments. Come on people at least put something clever in to mask your stupidity.

Snarky grammarian said...

Anon 2: *Too* bad it's so hard to find a good man in SLC that is well versed in grammar. Although, I suppose that is one of the things that most *women* in SLC have *their* heads up *their* behinds about. N.B. (That's nota bene (Lat.) for note well.) Quotation marks, with only a rare exception - and your example isn't it, "go outside of the period."

theorris said...

Snarky grammarian, please visit message boards and do your magic.

aimee said...

yeah, dandy: your comment would have made sense if you had used 'than' rather than 'then'. the way you put it had women being picky and THEN nagging anyway after marriage.

That Guy said...

Hey look at that Boise is number 35 on the list. That means I went to a sellers market right? I love applying real estate terms to dating.

sarahbellum said...

up: i KNOW!

anon: thanks, babe.

anon: bitter much?

dandy randy: you're right, sorta.

dennis: yeah!

snarky: won't you be my lover?

theorris: well your comment throws out my idea you were snarky.

aimee: heart you and your words.

that guy: i beat you, that that's what matters!