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Monday, April 30, 2007

loving on the grannies!

for the most part i am comfortable with being 31, though there are always exceptions to that rule-- forever 21 at the gateway is one of them. when urban princess and i went shopping there over the weekend i felt like i should be hunting for banjo ben's next girlfriend, rather than new summer tops. the place is seriously overrun with teeny boppers.

while we were in line waiting to pay princess looked at the pink & orange clutch i was buying, and said, "i love knobs on purses." as usual, i didn't think before opening my fat mouth and replied, "i love grandma knobs!"

it's amazing people agree to go out with me in public.


Anonymous said...

Your friends go out with you for the laugh factor. Same reason I read your blog.

urban princess said...

I go out with her because she vocalizes the evil thoughts in my head. We're a great pair.

sarahbellum said...

anon: you've probably got a point.

up: and here i thought it was because i'm pretty.