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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

target adventures

last night i accidentally stalked a woman in target-- i blame ben. he was supposed to be entertaining me but was too busy playing with engines, gasoline and dead batteries.

while shopping i kept seeing an attractive woman who looked vaguely familiar, though i couldn't place where i might know her from. it was driving me crazy-- i'll be the first one to admit i'm slightly obsessive. she was in all the good sections and had great clothes and hair, so i couldn't help but glance at her each time i saw her.

finally, while standing in front of her in the check out line, i recognized her bag. i asked her if she was the sister of a friend of mine, indeed she was. i'd read a post on her blog where she posted a picture of her self designed bag--i'm secretly addicted to her blog because she talks about tv boyfriends which are a very important matter.

thank god i finally placed who she was, i hate coming across as the crazy lesbian blog stalker.


Anonymous said...

"I hate coming across as the crazy lesbian blog stalker." Uh...I think its way too late for that! We've all suspected it for years now.

Anonymous said...

You went from stalkee to stalker? How does it feel to be on the other side?

Crying said...

You're a lesbian?

ak said...

does she read your blog?

Dainon said...

The follow-up? You need to post a link to her blog if we're to share the stalker love along with you. Plus, who doesn't like looking at great hair?

Melliferous Pants said...

I want to see the bag!!