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Sunday, April 22, 2007

my sunday rant

i went and saw hot fuzz last night at the broadway. two things: 1) i need aviator glasses something fierce. 2) i hate people that aren't me.

the group that sat in back of me clearly enjoyed the movie. so much, in fact, they couldn't stop laughing--which is fine under most circumstances, however, when you lean forward laughing so hard that you actually laugh INTO MY HAIR? umm, gross.

sure, i get that mistakes often are mad, so i overlooked it the first time, but after the fourth i was annoyed. i don't want laugh spit in my hair from strangers, and i refuse to apologize for that. i was on a date, therefore practicing some self-restraint. i ignored it for the 10th and 11th time when really i wanted to turn around and poke his eyes out with my drink straw (sorry, daisy... insensitive, i know).

from this point on, my standards for judging movies will be: was it laugh into hair funny, or just funny?


Lincoln said...

"Laugh spit." Almost as good as when urbanprincess referred to "pee speckles."

Dan said...

I saw you @ Broadway but the spit was not mine. I was seeing another movie but noticed you and a tall man as I was paying. You are even prettier outside the world wide web.

Red Truck said...

I saw you this weekend too walking your dog on S. Temple. I honked but you didn't look. I think you were busy rocking out to your iPod of old man music again.