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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

well-fitting adjectives, not jeans...

i've never taken criticism well--it hurts. i blame my childhood piano teacher. when i couldn't get the rhythm right she used to pound it on my back as i played. in her defense, i'm sure she thought she was lightly tapping, but remember i'm a giant wuss.

now, 25 years later nothing has changed--i still don't handle critical comments well, which is sad since i can sure hand them out. i know perfectly well what my faults are, and most days i'll admit to them.

so last night when the yuppie called me dramatic it stung. why? because it's true. i get whiny when i'm tired. rewind--i get whinier when i'm tired. so the fact that it was well past my bedtime when this was said did not help. so, in the span of one evening i was overly-sensitive, whiny and dramatic. awesome.


urban princess said...

you? dramatic? i don't buy it.

Jeff said...

Thats funny!!!!!

sarahbellum said...

up: me? never.

jeffy: thanks!!!!!! (that hurt)