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Saturday, April 28, 2007


i found this magnet on ben's fridge and immediately pocketed it. it's now proudly displayed on my fridge next to my favorite pin-up girl magnet.
if my mom read "i will date only young men who live church standards" on his fridge i'm positive a family intervention would follow, and frankly that's just too much family time for me.


Brian said...

A bit too blurry to read Sarah, but I'm going to hazard a guess - did the pink have anything to do with it's new home either? :)

Anonymous said...

Sat. night and I am reading this thing....and eating jelly bellys.

Good Gawd!!!!

Anyone love adorable sassy older than 40 women? hmmmmm

Yes...I had a classy dinner of sushi...but I am.


Anonymous said...

Opps.... I want to apologize.

In my quote "reading this thing" as though it was not what I meant. My intent was that it would be nice to have other options.

I enjoy your ranting and ravings. smile It makes me feel normal because I myself have a few adorable quirks. People without quirks...are well, not just living. Boring as hell.

Thank you.

signed.... sassy girl

sarahbellum said...

brian: the pink had nothing to do with it's removal, or so i claim.

anon: mmmm, i love jelly belly beans. it's my second favorite after ice cream! nothing wrong with reading my blog on a saturday night, sometimes i'm home writing it on a saturday night!