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Monday, April 09, 2007

dating is dangerous!

the man i've been seeing tried to kill me last night. twice. though, if you ask him i'm sure he'd tell a slightly different version of the story.

first of all, his giant dog tried to kill me. (which i'm positive he trained her to do beforehand.) luckily, i'm not afraid of a dog almost my height knocking me over. the steep driveway, however, is another story. everyone knows i'm a giant klutz. now, looking at my hands i see three cuts just on my left hand, from who knows what. i'm always bumping into things, falling down stairs and generally getting hurt because i don't pay attention. he forced me down that driveway without so much as an offer to have a princess ski lift built in.

he's very lucky i'm not dead.


el viajero said...

Ski lifts are expensive...Maybe he needs a subtle hint - have you considered leaving brochures out for those chair lifts that old people use to go up stairs? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy? Have you written about him in the paper? Inquiring minds want to know.

Tad said...

I'm glad you aren't dead. Ask him to carry you up and down the driveway. I think that is more princes than a ski lift.

Anonymous said...

Who is he

Anonymous said...

who cares, sarah will find some problem she can't move past.