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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

weird things i didn't say!

i obviously love making fun of things--being an equal-opportunity offender i like to include my friends and family, as seen here:

when i asked marky if he wanted to go to the gym he replied with, "i just got a paint job and can't sweat."

"i'll be extra diligent and not look up any rapist vans this afternoon, so that i'll have time tomorrow."--compliments of the yuppie.

when leaving friends after dinner marky said, "i'll see you online!"

and worth a second mention, from pmk: "my nephews are going to be boys."


urban princess said...

Is it weird that I'm both happy and sad I didn't make the list?

Mark(y) said...


Yeah. I am both glad and full of shame that I made it twice. It is a tad perplexing.

sarahbellum said...

up: now, it's utahsome!

marky: it just makes me want to hang out with you more.